Fried Green Tomatoes Anyone ?

Fried Green Tomatoes anyone ?

Fried Green Tomatoes anyone ?

This is a backpost, and I’ve had some months to learn new skills. This particular tomato plant has a few suckers that should be cut off. Suckers are a second smaller branch growing out where two branches originate. I guess when you cut these suckers off, it allows more of the plants nutrients to flow to the original branch, thus reducing competition.  The original branch will then grow better, and hopefully, set healtheir tomatoes in a shorter amount of time. 

If you have the ability, these suckers could be placed in a rooting solution, and cloned into additional plants. In my area of the world, this would not work out well, as our growing season is too short for direct seeded tomatoes, nevermind waiting for a clone to take root.

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