First Market Offering

First Market Offering

First Market Offering

So here it is, my first market offering. I’ve very excited, and can feel the added electricity flow through my veins as I prepare. This is the point where I find out just where this gardening hobby will go from here. Will it become more then a activity I do for relaxing, and an actual source of income, or will it remain a way of saving money ?  Either way, I will continue to grow massive gardens, hopefully for the rest of my life. I’ve grown quite fond of feeding myself on a whim, with food that’s super fresh, and abundant.  It’s also quite humorous to watch the kids give tours of the garden to their friends….

I sit wondering how it will all turn out. I delivered my produce to my neighbors home; they were not there, so I piled the produce up on chairs on their porch. They are Amish, so I couldn’t call to double check the plans, I had to make a choice: Either drop it off and hope for the best, or wait for next week. I figured since I rarely gamble, I’d try my luck and see what happens. Worst case scenario: ground hogs, rabbits and vultures eat it; I’m not worried though, this is simply the start of the season. I’m sure with all this rain that has suddenly found it’s way here, more cucumbers will pop out of the ground.

Here’s hoping for the best !

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