Planting Peppers

Sweet Peppers

Sweet Peppers

I was very happy with last years Pepper harvest, and in an effort to duplicate the results again this year, I’m planting my peppers a few days early. I’m changing my methods a little however, In the past I grew almost exclusively Non- Hybrid plants so that I could save the seeds from one year to the next. I figured with these saveable seeds, I’d have a way to continue planting if something should happen where I would be unable to purchase new seeds. This year I’m scrapping that mindset, and rolling out the best of what I hope is some great pepper lineage. I grew Chablis peppers last year, and I was exceptionally happy with the volume and timing of the peppers. I picked my first Chablis pepper on July 9th, just 39 days after moving a seedling out of the greenhouse.

Other Seedlings

Other Seedlings

I’ve also planted artichokes, eggplant, brussels sprouts and celery in the last few weeks. My celery seedlings look like very thin wires sticking out of the soil with tiny leaves on top, while the artichokes are growing much like a cucumber seedling. I’m planning on re-planting brussel sprouts as they have become very long and spindly.

Photo-Credit: The large pepper photos are from Totally Tomatoes, the smaller images are from PineTree Seeds.

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2 Responses to Planting Peppers

  1. Toni MacPherson says:

    Hello Jonathan,
    When I seen you started your seedlings it made me get excited to start mine, I don’t want to be late.. so yesterday clean my veggie beds and today put my seeds in starter cups (beans,pea,tomato,eggplant,beet,Swiss chard) that’s just some, could make the garden BIGGER. Wow can’t wait to put them in the ground. When you spoke of your Dad talking about war world 2.. economic meltdown cannot be prevented nor can we predict the timing but we can prepare for it and pray for Gods grace we must seek the Lord first and pray for our leaders. dont want to respond in panic ..the Lord has not given up hope in America. so people, start a garden its so rewarding and the food taste so much better. cant wait to see the chickens my son wants to start a chicken coop

    • itfarmer says:


      Glad to here your thinking expansion ! I really enjoy growing my own food (especially Yukon Gold Potatoes…), and I hope more people in America will discover the rewards of fresh local food.

      As for the chickens, I’ll be getting a whole herd from Sandy soon. She has all of my chickens from last fall, plus a great many that she wishes to be free from for a while. I’m figuring that I’ll need room for about 30 full size chickens ! I’m really hoping the nieces and nephew will be eager to collect eggs…

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