Fall Planted Garlic is Growing.

Garlic is Growing

Garlic is Growing

After planting some store purchased garlic a few weeks ago, I had some reservations about whether it would actually grow. The price was far cheaper then those cloves listed in seed catalogs, so I thought it was worth a try.  I’m as delighted to see it grow as I was this spring when the first onion stalks arose out of the ground. It’s one thing to know the seeds will grow, and quite another to Actually See it Happen. There was a problem though…

Dangers Lurk

Dangers Lurk

Before releasing these scratching fiends, I placed protective wire around all of the plants in the garden which I hoped to harvest later. I didn’t think that about the garlic which I planted next to my walkway. The chickens have learned that I come up the walkway before feeding them at night, and they have been waiting for me the last few days. When I spotted one of them digging in my garlic bed, I knew I had more work ahead of me.

Protective Wire

Protective Wire

I found some old wire, and covered the four tires that make up my garlic beds. I then placed some stakes in the ground to hold the wire in place.  This should keep them away from the bulb of the plant, but I will need a new plan once the stalks grow taller then the wire.

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2 Responses to Fall Planted Garlic is Growing.

  1. Pam says:

    When I was young my family grew Kohlrabi and I was wondering if any farmers grow and sell it? It had an amazing taste!

  2. itfarmer says:


    I’ve got some Kohlrobi growing in the garden, althought the base isn’t much bigger then a golf ball. I’d be happy to share if your in the area of NW PA….


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