Tomato Jelly

Tomato Jelly

Tomato Jelly

Tomato Jelly !? Sounds gross, but just like Zucchini pancakes, it’s something you have to try before passing judgment. I was quite reluctant to try it, but since then, I’ve been dieing for more. It actually tastes like Strawberry Jelly, due to the jello involved in its production. The recipe is very simple:

Recipe for Tomato Jelly

Start by blanching tomatoes, which helps remove the skin, then mash them in a bowl.

Add 5 cups mashed tomatoes to a pot, along with 4 cups of sugar.

Cook for 15 minutes on medium heat, then remove.

Add 1 box of Strawberry Jello (6 oz.), Stir well.

Pour into preheated canning jars, apply lid.

Preheated canning jars will help the lid seal, as well as sterilize the jar.

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