Market Mix-up

A Fridge full of Cucumbers

A Fridge full of Cucumbers

Bet your wondering why I have a fridge full of Cucumbers….. It all started last Thursday, when we were preparing our first market offering. I delivered the produce to my neighbors house as we had agreed. No one was home at the time, so I stacked the produce on the porch, and left a note on the door. In hind sight, I should have taken the day off. My neighbors had left for vacation earlier in the week, and didn’t think I would have anything ready yet, so they neglected to tell me. I even stopped by earlier in the week to confirm our plans, but they were not home then either. I really should have known better, but if there is any chance of miscommunication in the world, I will find it…..

It’s not all bad though, a few friends have relived me of some of the cucumbers and zucchini, and I’ve placed the rest in my fridge. I’ll save them for the next market, this Friday. This time I’m not dropping it off without face to face communication with the seller. I’ve also received permission to set up a small stand on a major road running near the garden. I plan to run the stand with the honor system, something I think will work in this small town.

So the outcome of my first market offering lead me to help some great friends, sell some produce to co-workers and I now have a place for a market stand. As the british say “Cheary-O”. That worked out well….

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