Gotta Love those Volunteers

Volunteer Potato

Volunteer Potato

Along with the endless number of volunteer turnips, and a few volunteer cucumbers and squash, I have a volunteer potato. It must be a Yukon Gold, because I haven’t planted anything else in this section of the garden. It’s doing rather well, which is not what I would have imagined. These tubbers survived the one bottom plow, as well as two encounters or more with the roto-tiller. I’ve poked around in the dirt a bit, and noticed the spud it sprang from was just the right size, about 2 inches square.

This year I’ve even had a volunteer tomato, one which I hope to save the seeds from. It could be one of 20 + varieties that I grew in that section of the garden, but I’m really hoping for a Roma or San Marzano. Either way, If I keep saving seeds from self starting tomatoes, I should be able to encourage the plants to be more cold hardy, or at least a seed that can start itself as soon as the weather is ready. Wouldn’t it be great to plant your tomato seeds directly into the garden in the fall ?

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