Getting Started

First Glass Creations

First Glass Creations

It’s taken a good deal of effort, but I’ve finally gotten my Glass Etching setup enough to begin frosting and etching. I’m still a few pieces of equipment shy of a full etching set, but I have enough in place to begin experimenting with designs and techniques.

I tested out my rig with the small spiral design in the center. I designed and even fabricated some of the rig myself, so this small shot glass was meant as a proof of concept. Once again, I was surprised by the result: Not only did my etching system work, but the result also looked great.

After the initial success, I moved onto a deep etching. I etched “Hope” into a funny shaped glass I had laying around the house. I used the etching system to dig relatively deep into the glass, about 1/16 of an inch deep, with the letters protruding, and the material around them etched out.

Once I had experimented with my first two pieces I took a break for a few days, and purchased a air purifying respirator from Home Depot. You see, after a few uses of the etcher it became very clear to me that I would need to protect my lungs. Small bits of glass fly off from the etching process. Even thought I had contained the sand in my barrel design, the metal did nothing to stop a slow leak of glass dust into the air, which found it’s way into my lungs.

Now that I’ve got my respirator, I’ve begun frosting and etching again. I’ll keep posting photos as I get better and produce more intricate designs.

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