Long Range Plans

Long Range Plans, Blueberries

Long Range Plans, Blueberries

George bought 30 little blueberry plants, and here is their home. Each was planted in 2008, and they are slowly growing, some of them a even a bit taller then the stakes used to mark their location.  It may take years before we get a harvest, but what a harvest it will be !

Next to the blueberry patch, you might notice the Grape Trellis. George planted his grapes in 2008, a year before I got the grow grapes bug.

In the background is Mike’s treestand, used for hunting deer. We have never really been hunters, and year’s ago, Mike and my Father came to an agreement about the stand. It’s a very well built building, and It’s quite fun to climb up in and enjoy the view. Their is another stand on the hill over looking my garden, also with a beautiful view.

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