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Paper Compost Bin

As part of my commitment to lower my Carbon Footprint, I’ve decided to no longer throw away paper, or cardboard. This will reduce the amount of carbon that [..]

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So Much for My Social Life

It’s Time ! If you’ve been following my posts for long, you probably know that I have well over 300 tomato plants in my garden. This spring I [..]

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Making a Stand

I’ve finally gotten around to building a Produce Stand. I’ve been putting it off, hoping the Market would consume all of my garden goodies. It has not. So, [..]

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Harvesting Onions

Many things in the garden are still new to me, such as when to harvest onions. I did a search on the internet, and found out that any [..]

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Tomatoes Everywhere

I am simply amazed at the tomato patch this year. All of my plants are growing very fast, and many of them are already setting fruit, althought not [..]

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Spring Planting Calendar

When planting in the past, I would ask local gardeners, and plant crops when they do.  This always works well, and I have yet to plant a major [..]

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Spring Onions

I started the weekend with plans to plant some Onion Sets, and so Friday, I was wondering where I could get some Sets. (If your new to gardening, Onion [..]

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Another Attempt to Clone Fruit Trees…

I’ve been a bit obsessed with cloning Fruit trees this winter, and I’ve tried many, many methods. Just before trying the method shown in the picture, I tried  [..]

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Hatching Chicks

The other day, I posted some pictures of Sandy’s farm, where I was picking up an Incubator and a lot of Fertilized Eggs. I have set the Incubator [..]

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What’s Growing This Weekend

March is almost here, and soon I will be very busy planting seeds, so I thought I would take some pictures of the plants growing in my house. [..]

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