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Signs of Spring

I have been patiently waiting for my Grape Clones to begin growing, and I was just beginning to wonder if I missed a step in the process. It has been nearly a month since I clipped these vines from the … Continue reading

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Waiting for My Sea of Green

Above, I caught a picture of the Constellation Orion over the greenhouse. In the winter months, there isn’t much work to be done in the garden, other then applying fertilizer. This time of year, I enjoy taking pictures of the celestial objects, part … Continue reading

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A Lot of Peanuts…

My brother has over ten pigs, and he is constantly looking for low cost ways to feed them healthy food. For example, there are many types of food that expire on a particular day, but are good for pigs to eat … Continue reading

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Ying Yang Beans and Blue Corn

I finally got my shipment of White Tomato seeds, and along with them, I ordered some other seeds that peeked my interest: Yin Yang Beans, and some Blue Corn seed. Both of these are new to me, but I thought … Continue reading

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