28 Days Later by Michael Alan Nelson and Declan Shalvey (illustrator)

I am rating this graphic novel a 4 star review. What I liked about the book: I loved the graphics! The colors were so vivid and the graphics were spot on. I loved the overall plot. This story is set between the movies “28 Days Later” and “28 Weeks Later.” It follows Selena and she […]

DNF books

We all have books that you DNF (did not finish). I hate not finishing a book once I start. I especially hate it when it is a popular book that everyone else loves. This last book that I DNF is very popular. I waited a long time for the book on Overdrive too. The book […]

Horse themed novels

I have owned horses my entire life! So needless to say, I am a sucker sometimes for a good fiction horse book. Here are some of my favorites! These are only adult and YA picks. I did not do smaller children novels. “Black Beauty” by Anna Sewell “Misty of Chincoteague” by Marguerite Henry “Smokey the […]

Virgin River Book List

It is nice to have all the Virgin River series in order. There are links that go directly to Robyn Carr’s website for more information on each of her books! Enjoy! Virgin River series Book # 1: Virgin River Book # 2: Shelter Mountain Book # 3: Whispering Rock Book # 4: A Virgin River Christmas Book # 5: Second […]

How to guide: Send books from Netgalley directly to your Kindle

In a nutshell: Add your @kindle.com to Netgalley’s website Add Netgalley to allowed 3rd party books to send to your Kindle Below is the way to complete both of these steps! To locate your @kindle.com address: Locate this in the “My account” section of your kindle. This is NOT the same as your Amazon email […]


I got two of these novels as an ARC. Lucky for me….but I do not need two of them. I am willing to give one away if you are willing to either trade an ARC with me. If you are interested, please message me below! For more information on ARCs, search my blog. Remember you […]

Review of “What You Wish For” by Katherine Center

A 5 star review! Katherine Center has become one of my favorite authors. Her writing just flows and characters are just loveable. What a great story! It tackled a lot of heavy topics (school shootings and PTSD). But underneath all of that was a nice love story! I loved all the characters! I love it […]