Book of the Month (BOTM) Pick for July with complete list of Main selections

For a complete list of books, click here. For additional data: Historical Fiction 74 Contemporary Fiction 78 Thriller 87 Romance 44 Fantasy 32 Sci-Fi 15 Literary Fiction 86 Memoir 25 Mystery 26 YA 17 Suspense 1 Short stories 8 History  5 Historical Romance 2 Horror 16 Narrative Non-fiction  5 Legal Thriller 10 Non-fiction 11 Essay Read more

29 Punk Genres

So I started to do some research on genres that I have yet to read. I noticed a lot of subgenres end in punk. So I fell down a rabbit-hole of information. These genres often explore unique, speculative worlds with distinct technological and cultural aesthetics. Some more genres (Rare): 1. Nanopunk 2. Splatterpunk 3. Greenpunk Read more


I want to take a moment to say how much I appreciate everyone’s comments and help figuring out the book club picks. As we progress, it is harder and harder to spot stickers before they announce them. Everyone who comments, I appreciate your guesses and comments! Thank you all!

I am a reader!

I adored the movie “The Last Unicorn.” When I saw another student with the book at a book fair, I tried to buy it, but a teacher said it was above my reading level and refused to let me purchase it. Determined, I started reading numerous books to improve my skills. My first book club Read more


These categories are broad and can overlap, with many subgenres existing within each genre. Additionally, new genres and subgenres continue to emerge as literature evolves and diversifies. While I can’t claim to know every single subgenre (as they are constantly evolving and emerging), I can certainly provide you with an extensive list of subgenres across Read more

Celebrity Book Clubs complete lists for Jan 2024 (Reese, Jenna, GMA, Emma, Oprah)

Reese Witherspoon: Hello Sunshine Click here for a complete list of books, click on this PDF. Read with Jenna: Jenna Bush-Hager: The Today Show For a complete list of books, click this PDF. Good Morning America (GMA) Book Club For a complete list of books, click on this PDF. Belletrist: Emma Roberts For a complete Read more