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Nature’s Measurements

I’m worried about Global Climate change, more out of a fear of the unknown, rather then having seen any changes in my own lifetime. If the world is [..]

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Early Signs of Spring

I caught this sight out of the corner of my eye while petting my niece’s puppy. These green sprouts are Daffodils which are beginning to grow a few [..]

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Blooming In Time for Christmas

A co-worker brought in some plants around the beginning of the year, and when she was on vacation, I made it a point to water the bulbs daily. [..]


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Here is a water Carrier / Sprayer that Dad used to water all of the grape vines back in the day. It hasn’t been used much in the [..]

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Sage is a very interesting plant, with endless uses. I planted it last year without knowing much about it. I was suprised to see that it survived the [..]

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Signs of Spring

I have been patiently waiting for my Grape Clones to begin growing, and I was just beginning to wonder if I missed a step in the process. It [..]

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