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Corn, Celery & Onions

My corn is about 8 inches tall, and I really don’t think it will reach the “knee high by July” standard that most farmers judge their crops by. [..]

Celery, Corn, Onions

Children in the Corn

In the past, I’ve always tried to keep the kids out of the garden, as they always seemed to step on my most prized plants. This year, I’ve [..]

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Crop Circles ?

My niece Jennifer can be a bit of a trickster, so when her and Jessica informed me that a space ship landed in my corn and made a [..]

Corn, Wild Animals

Zen Harvest

Here are some of the beans I harvested today. They are dry beans, with a distinctive Ying – Yang looking pattern on the bean itself. I planted these [..]

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Country Corn

My little sister (in height, not age) is on vacation for the week, so it’s her time to relax and enjoy life a bit. She decided to start a [..]

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Market Re-Mix

Here it is market day again, and I’ve delivered my produce to the person who will be selling it. I’ve made it a point this time to be [..]

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Things that make me say “Wow”.

I’ve seen a very high trellis on a back road, in a far removed garden, and always thought the owner got carried away when constructing it. I guess the [..]

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The Late Garden is Doing Quite Well.

The late garden has really started growing now that rain has returned. Above the corn is just now clearing knee-high, and I still think it will grow to [..]

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Rain !

I haven’t been so excited to see rain clouds move in since I was a little kid. It’s been a very dry year in NW PA, and patches [..]

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Signs of Growth

I’ve stopped watching the evening news, along with many other changes in my life. I’ve found it’s made me much happier. I no longer track the daily progression [..]

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