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No Room to Move !

Bareroot Apple Seedlings in My Hallway Last Thursday I finally received the fruit tree seedlings that I’ve been waiting months for. The order contained 75 apple, 25 wild plum and [..]

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Roof Framing

I’m still working on my shed, with the light at the end of the tunnel now in sight. I have the roof frame complete, and I’ll soon begin [..]

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Surprise Chicks !

 I got a surprise picture message on my cell phone yesterday. When I opened up the message I found one of my many helpers holding a baby chick, [..]

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Moving and Sheeting

My mother stopped by the other day to see how the greenhouse was fairing, and when she took a look at my chicken coop project she explained all [..]

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Chicken Coop Plans

I finally found the time to plot out my chicken coop design. I’d like to have a second story for storage, but I might not have that much [..]

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Chicken Coop Update

Since the last photo of the chicken coop, I’ve started nailing down 2 x 3′s for a sub floor. Above you can see the first four rows, along [..]

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New Chicken Coop Foundation

In the fall of last year, I decided that my chicken coop was too small. I gave all of my chickens to my sister Sandy while I tore [..]

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Fall Planted Garlic is Growing.

After planting some store purchased garlic a few weeks ago, I had some reservations about whether it would actually grow. The price was far cheaper then those cloves listed in seed [..]

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Weekend Roundup 09/19/10

I’ve decided to take a new approach with regards to my chickens. Up to this point, I’ve kept them in a chicken house, with a fenced in run. [..]

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New Chics and New Pics

I’ve snapped a lot of pictures today, as it’s been one of those days where a world of difference unfolds.  A few days ago, I decided to trade [..]

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