New Chicken Coop Foundation

Old Chicken Coop

Old Chicken Coop

In the fall of last year, I decided that my chicken coop was too small. I gave all of my chickens to my sister Sandy while I tore down the old coop, and started construction of a bigger model. I’ve been pondering how many chickens to keep, since they are more or less pets rather then food at this point, and I keep them “just in case”.

I’ve often found myself worried about the future, and what it might hold. Since I’ve heard so much about the Great Depression from my father, I’ve made it a point to always be prepared in case something similar were to happen today. This is actually why I became a gardener. I wanted to grow my own food while I was hearing some of the doom and gloom predictions about the Mortgage Mess, and generally un-desirable economic conditions.

While I’ve stopped worrying so much, and I tend to ignore the news as much as possible, I’d still like to keep a few chickens for eggs, and for those odd days when I start worrying again. I’m sure the world will be fine, but it’s nice to have an insurance policy just in case, and who doesn’t like Free Eggs ?

Beginning Foundation

Beginning Foundation

I found some more Landscape Timbers in a pile in George’s yard, and I’ll be using them for the floor of the structure just like I’ve learned from the Greenhouse. This foundation will sit above the ground to eliminate work digging out a level spot.  I’ve settled on constructing a 12 x 16 foot building, far larger then I need.

In the photo above, I’m about half way through the leveling process.  Since taking the photo, I’ve nailed down the second layer of boards. Next, I’ll build a 2×4 floor on top of the timbers, and continue construction with 16 inch centered 2 x 4s.

Truck Full of Recycled Wood

Truck Full of Recycled Wood

I’ve received several truck loads of recycled wood, which I hope to use rather then purchasing new boards. I’m hoping that I can complete the majority of this project with recycled materials to save money, and also to prevent additional logging demand. Each of the boards has at least a few nails in them, which will need to be removed, or bent over. This will create some additional work, but ultimately, it may save a small pine forest.

I have enough 2 x 4s to build the majority of the walls, and I may even have enough 2 x 6 boards for roof rafters. I’ll need to purchase some nails, and perhaps a few boards, but for the most part this will be a recycled building.  Now If I can complete the rest of the structure without smashing my fingers again, I’ll be very happy.

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  1. Maurice says:

    Don’t forget where there is a bunch of unused plywood lying around! 😉

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