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2011 Seed Supply

2011 Seed Supply

There it is, my supply of seeds as I head into the 2011 growing season. I’ve got all the essentials, including Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Beans, Zucchini, Winter Squash, and lot’s of things which are new to me such as Artichokes and Eggplant. I have my schedule of when to plant each item ready to go so that on June 1st I’ll have hundreds of little plants ready to be moved out of the greenhouse and into the garden. The only thing standing between me and this years growing season is about 3 inches of snow, 6 weeks of time, and the new mess I’ve made in the greenhouse. (I really need to build a workshop for my woodworking hobby).

So here’s the breakdown of my seed collection:

The shoe box on the left contains mostly seeds that have been saved from past gardens. In here I have mostly peppers, squash, and tomato seeds of various flavors, sizes and growth habits.

The box on the top of the photo contains all of the seed packets which I’ve purchased in past years. I’ve got hundreds of tomato seeds, flowers, lettuces, even turnip seeds.

The individual seed packets in the photo are items I’ve purchased specifically for this growing season. Here’s the breakdown:

Black Beauty Squash
Bush Baby Squash
Gold Rush Squash

Beans, Dry and Soybeans
Cannellini Lingot Bean
Etna Bean
Sayamusume Bean
Tiger’s Eye

Marketmore 97 Cucumbers
Mcpick Cucumbers

Green Globe Improved Artichoke

Cosmic Purple

Brussle Sprouts
Long Island Improved

Utah Celery

PineTree Lettuce Mix

Early White Vienna

Orange Fantasia
Bright Lights

Pingtung Long

Pinetree Cabbage Mix

I’m sure I’ll add to this collection as I spot seed packets at various stores I frequent. It’s nearly impossible for me to walk past a seed display without picking up at least three new seeds.


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