Direct Seeded Broccoli

Direct Seeded Broccoli

Direct Seeded Broccoli

On August 19, I planted some broccoli and cabbage. A few weeks later, I released my chickens to roam free for the winter. What I found out is that chickens like to eat healthy too, so I’ve had to put up a small fence to keep them out. I didn’t have much wire, so I choose the group of plants that looked the most promising, and placed the wire around them. They are growing fairly well, and I’m actually looking forward to eating some broccoli. I’m not a big fan of most cold weather veggies, but when you grow your own food, it always tastes better. I figure I can stomach them if I add a little cheese, or maybe some bacon and cheese…. now that sounds good !

The cabbage is also growing pretty well, but I’ve only got a few plants protected, so there won’t be enough to make home made sauerkraut. I hope to build a chicken house before spring, and attach a fairly large run for them. Then maybe I can grow a larger cool season garden. It just doesn’t feel right not having row after row of veggies. Spring won’t be here soon enough.

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3 Responses to Direct Seeded Broccoli

  1. chidy says:

    where are you? it was a completely bad year for all my brassica, and i didn’t bother adding it to the winter crop list.

    that’s a great little farm you’ve got there. you remind me of me a few years ago. how many people work the land? it’s gotta be a few at least. labor is surprisingly important to achieve certain results. specialization is a concept you may want to consider, as a math type you would appreciate that results have to exceed personal labor investment in some significant way; there are social and economic reasons that require a greater output than food alone, if you catch my drift. altho i have no doubt food will be a cash crop in the near future, too. anyway, sounds like you’re reading all the right materials and learning all the important lessons, the hard way, heh. i learned a tough one this season but by the Goddess i’ll never forget it, either.

  2. itfarmer says:

    Northwestern PA.

    It’s a family venture, with about 10 people involved. It all started when I freaked out about some economic reports a few years ago. I began worring about our food supply and started growing food. It turned into great fun, and the food is such a great reward. We spend exceptionally little on grocieries, and have a few freezers stocked with garden supplies for the winter.

  3. chidy says:

    “freaked out.” heh. yeah, i know all about that. math is Hard! /barbie/post-feminist/ and scary. it’s like dancing on the podium, but in bad shoes.

    10 is a pretty big number. my number right now is 1.2/zeta.

    which is to say, me. but i’m trying to imagine the community standard that will have to exist. 10? ok. they do it in China. i’d like to retain some of our suburban priv, and keep to to under 5/per property. but you’re probably right and it will take 10 per slot. oh, well.

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