Trouble Letting Go…

Indoor Celery

Indoor Celery

I’ve had a great deal of luck growing most plants from seed, with the exceptions of Pak Choi, Cabbage, Onions and Celery. The one celery plant that grew, I gave up waiting for germination, and reused the soil for a tomato plant. After planting the tomato in a flower box on my Mother’s porch, this little bugger decided to take root, and grow. Being the only celery plant that I’ve successfully grown from seed, I couldn’t let the cold weather take it away, so I dug it up and brought it inside for the winter. The plant seems to be growing well indoors, and has joined the ranks of all the other indoor plants I have, including two tomatoes, and two pepper plants. This winter I’ll try to discover what I did wrong with the rest of the celery seeds, and maybe I’ll have more luck next year.

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