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New Garden

This year has been hotter and drier then any other year during which I considered myself a gardener. Before I began growing my own food, I really didn’t [..]

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A Year of Growth: 2011

Another year has passed on the farm, and as the old year passes by, it leaves changes much like a glacier grinding and pushing its way to the [..]

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Spreading Manure

Over the weekend, Rob and Maurice were cleaning up the horse pasture, and piling up the manure. After seeing the pile, I rushed off the get my tractor [..]

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Warm Season Wrap-up

The warm season is almost over, and I decided to mow down all of the nearly lifeless plants that remained. I used the 8N tractor and the finish [..]

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Playing in a Big Sand Box

I  awoke Saturday morning, and one of the first thoughts to cross my mind was “What am I going to do today ?”, which was soon followed with [..]

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The Current Mess That I’m Making

Along with the Brush Hog, and Finish Mower, the Tractor has another attachment that I thought was kinda useless. The attachment looks like a straight piece of metal [..]

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Rock Garden Update

I’ve largely neglected my rock garden since constructing it over what was a dump a long long time ago. Weeds have been growing up between the rocks, and [..]

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Take a Ride on the My Tractor

While finishing up mowing the field which surrounds my garden, I got the bright idea to make a movie of the tractor ride. I used the shoulder strap [..]

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The View From the Top

Since I’ve learned how to use the tractor, the finish mower, and more recently the brush hog, I’ve started work on a new project: Mowing the entire field [..]

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