Photos by Nate

Pepper Leaves

Pepper Leaves

My nephew just got a new Iphone, I believe it’s the 3GS version, but I can’t be sure. This phone has an amazing camera, and I asked Nate to take some pictures for my blog with it. Above he got a very nice shot of some pepper leaves with the greenhouse out of focus, too cool if you ask me.

My Sister Kim

My Sister Kim

There’s my sister Kim. She came over for the morning to help pick the Zucchini which is growing like crazy. Everytime I come out of the garden, I either have an arm full of Cucumbers or Zucchini.  In the past I had good yields, but nothing like this. I decided to plant more seeds to increase the amount of produce. Once again, all of the effort invested last winter spreading fertilizer has really paid off.

Cucumber Leaves

Cucumber Leaves

Finally, a shot of some cucumber leaves. There are four rows of plants in this spot, but walking between them has become nearly impossible. Next year I really need to space these plants out much more. The rows are about 20 feet long, and with 3 additional rows in another part of the garden, the cucumbers need to be picked daily. Not a bad thing, I love Pickles.

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3 Responses to Photos by Nate

  1. dUMEAR says:

    Dear Lord!!! Is that a garden or a freakin rain forest! The only thing I have even close to comparable is my watermelons! They are about the same size as urs! I love to garden man. we should get together and discuss creating a mega garden!!!!


  2. itfarmer says:

    I’ve discovered the trick to growing things great….. Pretty simple actually: Water, Dirt, Sun.

    Water 1 inch a week or more. Dirt needs lots of err…. composted manure, and where there is sunlight, and the other two things, plants will grow like no ones business. A little sprayed on Miracle Grow doesn’t hurt either……

  3. Abbie says:

    Looks great! And it’s always funny to me to see the names Jon and Nate together, since my little brothers are Jonathan and Nathaniel. Looking forward to your guest post! 🙂

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