Planting Pepper Seeds

From Top Left: NuMex, Chablis, Merlot, Lilac, Cayenne and Rainbow Mix.

From Top Left: NuMex, Chablis, Merlot, Lilac, Cayenne and Rainbow Mix.

I’ve been stocking up on appealing pepper seeds all winter, and now it’s time to get them into some Miracle Grow.  I started out by collecting some Styrofoam cups that I used last year. The idea is to reuse cups that had holes poked into the base, and let the plants soak up water from a waterproof container that holds the  cups. Reusing the cups is far better for the planet, and easier on me. I don’t have to poke all new holes, and I won’t be contributing to already full garbage dumps.

Here is the list of seeds I’ve placed today:

1. ) California Wonder (not shown above).

2.) Numex Sunrise

3.) Chablis

4.) Merlot

5.) Gourmet Rainbow

6.) Cayenne

7.) Lilac.

All of these varieties are new to me, except the California Wonder, which I grew last year.

144 Peppers Planted

144 Peppers Planted

So here is what I have done in a hour or two. 144 seeds in dirt. If my results from last year are repeated, 90% of these cups will have healthy pepper plants in 8 weeks, ready to be planted into the garden.

Other happenings this weekend: Kim and I finished digging up the soil, and planting Stuttgarter Onions. I’ve also planted some Broccoli for Mom.

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