All Volunteer Army

Volunteer Army

Volunteer Army

I had started constructing a small area in which I hoped to get my Strawberry plants growing year after year. I may have made a mistake however when I choose the location for this berry patch. I broke ground where I used to have a small chicken coop and compost pile. I often supplemented my chicken food with garden goodies, and some of the seeds must have found their way into the ground, where they have been growing like mad.

Zucchini ?

Zucchini ?

I’m a bit undecided how to respond to this All Volunteer Invading Army. I’m sure the plants are squash, but I’m not sure what kind. If they are Zucchini, I would welcome a very early treat, but if they are winter squash, I’d be more concerned for my Strawberries. I’ve spent about $20 on five different types of strawberries and other supplies to get them to grow great, and I was really looking to make an all Strawberry patch. For now I guess I can let them grow a bit more, and check on my berry plants daily. If the berries seem to be struggling, I’ll just have to choose: Berries or very early Zucchini.

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4 Responses to All Volunteer Army

  1. amber says:

    can you transplant the squash? I have some tomato plants growing in my compost pile that I was thinking about planting in the garden.

    • itfarmer says:

      I probably could have if I caught them earlier. They are about two foot long now, so I’m not sure how big the roots are, but I may give it a try, and move all but the biggest plants.

  2. amber says:

    I wish I would have put my strawberries on the ground, yours look wonderful. I put mine in a topsy turvy that I got for christmas. Lots of money later they look like they are not doing so hot and I only got one berry so far. haha

  3. itfarmer says:

    Thanks Amber.

    As for topsy turvys, I found them to be difficult to use. The soil can dry out quickly, and this prevents the plants from accessing required nutrients. They would work much better with some sort of drip irrigation, but if your going to go that far it would be just as easy to set up a hydroponic system of sorts.

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