Fall Omelette

Fall Omlette

Fall Omlette

Now that the first frost has cleared most of the garden, it’s time to enjoy the harvest. Throughout the summer, I’ve been dicing and freezing various veggies for use in the months when they would not be available. I’ve got a freezer packed full with sliced peppers, onions and zucchini, shredded carrots, kohlrabi and turnips. Having these items frozen makes cooking simple.

I like to add vitamins to every meal I eat, if possible, and an omlette is a prime canidate for adding shredded veggies. Above you can see green peppers, onions, and hints of meat and cheese, but what the photo doesn’t show is shredded kohlrabi, carrots, and turnips. These extra veggies add very little in taste, but pack a lot of extra vitamins. I even add these shredded ingredients to spaghetti while cooking the noodles.

The process is quite simple, however, if you’ve never prepared an omlette before here is a breakdown:

For two or three servings, crack 5 eggs into a mixing bowl. Add a small amount of milk, about a 1/4 cup or less. Stir until all the egg yolks are broken, and the mixture is an even color.
Add shredded veggies, raw or frozen.
Add sliced up meat such as salami, ham, etc, and cheese if desired.
Warm up the skillet with bacon greese or cooking oil, then pour in the mix.
Cook until the eggs start to firm up, then flip the whole omelette.


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  1. fireshibby says:

    Looks like pieces of pizza, but with eggs! Haha

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