Lettuce Re-Mix

Row of Lettuce

Row of Lettuce

Last years lettuce was off to a great start, until the rest of the work of the season kicked in, and weeds grew over the plants to the point were they were all but smothered. This year, I’ve decided to take my lettuce much more seriously. I’ve selected a diverse set of lettuces, mesclun and chard to make a very colorful, flavorful and nutritious salad, so when it came to actually choosing which type of lettuce to plant first, I was a bit torn. I was unsure when I would get time to plant more, so I did the only logical thing I could think of: I planted a row of Lettuce, Mesclun & Chard all mixed up.

Mix and Match

Mix and Match

You can see two types of Lettuce (middle and far bottom), Mesclun (top), and red Chard (middle bottom). This arrangement should come in handy if I find myself with time to only weed one row of lettuce. I can then weed the mix of lettuce row and be assured lots of salad.

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2 Responses to Lettuce Re-Mix

  1. Jim says:

    I dig your website (pun intended). I too am a bit of a gentlemen farmer. I think your greenhouse is the cat’s meow! I’m in SE Michingan…I would bet we are at about the same latitude. I’m curious about how practical a greenhouse would be. I see something about February started celery. Wow, Feb here is like the darkest days of winter, can be -10 and snow always. Does the GH gernerate enough heat to start seeds?

    • itfarmer says:

      Thanks Jim;

      The greenhouse was the best thing I’ve done for my garden, as I can see a huge difference in plants started in a clear roof enviroment as compared to plants started in my home. The comment I made about February was somewhat in jest, but I plan to try it next year, and keep starting seeds every few weeks. This will help me find the best time to start these plants.

      I do not start the seeds in the greenhouse, as the heating requirements would be too much. If you do construct one of your own, make heating and insulation as well as cooling a priority, as it will make or break the effectiveness of the structure.

      Thanks for stopping by;
      I.T. Farmer

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