Tomatoes and Cucumbers


Tomatoes and Cucumber Seedlings

Basking in the sun.

Some of 2008’s tomaotes and cucumbers. Here is how I plant seeds:

1.) Get some plastic or styrofoam cups.

2.) Poke a few holes in the bottom of the cups. A fork works great.

3.) Fill the cups with Miracle Grow. 

4.) Poke a small hole in the soil with the back side of a pen or pencil. Place one or two seeds in the mix, and lightly cover with soil.

5.) Place your  cups into a container that will hold water. In my case, I used a plastic storage container from the Dollar Store.

6.) Fill the container with a half inch of water.

Thats it. When your seedlings are ready to be transplanted, squish the container a bit so the plant and all the soil slide out. Cover loosely in the garden.

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