Spooky Pumpkins

White Pumpkins
White Pumpkins

This spring, I started some white pumpkins hoping to grow enough for the kids to carve them for Halloween. However, In the shuffle of over a thousand plants out of the greenhouse, I lost track of them, and they found their way to my sisters farm. The vines grew out of  Sandy’s garden into a berry patch where no one noticed them, and the chickens couldn’t see the light colored snacks. When Sandy found these pumpkins she brought them over to my house so I could save the seeds from them. I had them sitting outside on my lawn mower as decorations when I snapped this shot with the moon included.

Next year, I hope to grow them again, maybe then I’ll get enough of these spooky pumpkins for the kids to carve them.

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4 Responses to Spooky Pumpkins

  1. Dea-chan says:

    I had a friend in elementary school who’s mother was crossbreeding pumpkins for color — she’d gotten pink and blue the last I heard.

  2. Julie says:

    I’m envious! We had pumpkin failure in our little suburban micro-farm…we just don’t have enough sun/space for pumpkins, and I was hoping for a few heirloom varieties to make it. Funny, our youngest son is completely obsessed with white pumpkins and insisted that’s what he wanted to carve! I just found your site, and I’m looking forward to reading more!

  3. gnarlyoak says:

    I made a jackolantern from a white pumpkin in elementary school. The thing was so hard we ended up using a power drill to make it. Looked super eerie though!

  4. gnarlyoak says:

    cool picture with the moon, by the way

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